Terms and Conditions

Payment and Ordering:

To place an order:  1) Use the shopping cart, 2)  E-mail (info@danielh432.sg-host.com),  3) Fax (303 321-1119), or 4) Mail (use remittance address below) a purchase order or other document from your institution or company setting out: the name of the product, the amount of the product, a complete shipping address with telephone number, an acknowledgment of the purchase price, and a complete billing address.

We accept Visa and MasterCard and new customers must pay with Visa or MasterCard or prepay. All payments must be made in US Dollars.

Interest at the rate of 12% per annum may be added to any account not paid within 30 days from the date of the invoice.

All prices are in US Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

Charges for a certificate of origin or other special custom documents will be added to the invoice at actual cost.

Remittance address:

Fluorochrome, LLC.
1801 Williams Street, Suite 100
Denver, Colorado 80218 USA

Shipping and Handling:

All shipments are made via Federal Express and shipping and handling charges are:

$35.00 for addresses within the United States or Canada
$60.00 for addresses outside of the United States or Canada


The liability of Fluorochrome, LLC or any officer or employee of Fluorochrome, LLC for any damage or cost, actual or consequential, resulting from the purchase or use of any Fluorochrome, LLC product is limited to the amount paid for such product.

Notice: The original and true Fluoro-Gold™ (Fluorogold) is produced by Fluorochrome, LLC and marketed by Fluorochrome, LLC and other authorized entities.

Fluoro-Gold™ (Fluorogold) is an exclusive product of Fluorochrome, LLC. It has been sold by Fluorochrome and widely used since 1985. Other companies are marketing a product they claim is the same as or equivalent to Fluoro-Gold. The chemical structures of these compounds are different from Fluoro-Gold and certain physical properties of the compounds may be very different.

*CAUTION: Fluoro-Gold, Fluoro-Ruby and all our antibodies are for investigational use only in laboratory research animals or for tests in vitro. NOT FOR USE IN HUMANS. These drugs should be used only by persons regularly engaged in conducting neuroanatomical studies and tests in vitro or in animals used only for laboratory research.